Emporium Popups is a series of rotating bar/music/shop experiences. Located right next door to Emporium Logan Square, 2367 N Milwaukee Ave in Chicago.


Emporium Popups:

No L’s Hip Hop Holiday Popup Bar(December 7-31):
 A popup dedicated to hip hop culture & the holidays, this popup bar features DJs, hip hop themed drinks, decor, & much more.”

Tommy’s Planet(November 29-December 2):
 A popup dedicated to the cult-favorite film “The Room” by Tommy Wiseau, in association with The Disaster Artist movie. “The Best Worst Popup Bar Ever!”

Friendsgiving (November 22, 24 & 25):
 A fundraiser & Thanksgiving party.

Uprise 20 Year Retrospective (November 15-November 19):
 Uprise Skateboards 20th anniversary party.

Haunted Emporium III: House of the Dead (October 13-November 4):
 A haunted popup bar in partnership with Revolution Brewing.

the upside down popup
The Upside Down (August 18-October 1):
 A Stranger Things popup bar.

Please note: Due to demand, The Upsidedown is only accessible via the front entrance at 2367 N. Milwaukee. The Emporium Logan Square entrance will NOT be open. We apologize for any inconvenience.

run the jewels bannerStay Gold: Run The Jewels (August 2-6): In collaboration with Run the Jewels, Pipeworks Brewing Co., & Interboro NYC, this popup merges music, beer & more. Merch will be available from RTJ, Pipeworks, and Trackstar.

Bottle Rocket (June 8 – July 29): Emporium’s homage to the great Chicago block party, this popup features games in the “yard,” a charcoal BBQ DJ booth, interior power lines (complete with shoes), and when you check out expect a parking ticket.

Pdubz Pipedream: May 18 – 27, 2017: Presented by Pipeworks Brewing Co. and Emporium, this popup featured Pipeworks beer on draft as well as beer cocktails and other cocktails. Game tournaments and other “contests” were held with other local breweries.

Bit Bash: May 11 – 13, 2017: Local indie game collective Bit Bash worked with Emporium to bring this indie game popup to life. It featured several locally-created games and game-inspired cocktails.

Branca Bar: Feb. 8 – May 7, 2017: A collaboration with Fernet Branca, this popup featured industry-inspired drinks, bocce ball, and rotating beer takeovers.

Surf: Summer 2016 – February 2017: An experimental “endless summer” project, Surf was a bar and restaurant featuring swinging seats, fresh-squeezed cocktails, and a fake beach.