Space Carnival w/Digeometric

\ \ S P A C E C A R N I V A L / /

Space Carnival blends high-energy disco, funk and progressive rock into an interplanetary performance. Formed in Spring 2013, Space Carnival consists of Jeremy Kraus on Guitar, Cameron Fitch on Keys and Vocals, Chris Meier on Bass, and Nick Tassinari on drums. The quartet began honing their live sound when they launched into the Oneonta music scene in Fall of 2013. Space Carnival keeps a consistent, fun, and fresh energy by rotating setlists, adding covers and confidently debuting original material. This four piece is sure to have you dancing with their form of loose funk and relentless slippery disco.

// http://www.spacecarnivalband.com/ //
Spotify // https://open.spotify.com/artist/73kWLQq8qNheKdFq7Ii2jD
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