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New Constellations
The New Constellations sound combines Ethiopian + North African melodies, soulful Afro-Cuban rhythms, psychedelic + ambient textures, and American roots music. Memorable hooks and melodies are balanced with a flair for improvisation. Ideal music for either a party atmosphere, or as chill background music. Members of New Constellations play or have played with Chicago Afrobeat Project, Ted Sirota’s Heavyweight Dub, The Interiors, Joe Pug, Van Ghost, Fire Show, Frank Catalano, and Rebel Roots.

Robert J. Zimmer?
Robert J. Zimmer? is dedicated to exploring the fundamentals of universal mechanics through a multidimensional musical approach that blends the study of macroscopic acoustic environments with quantum interactions of sound waves. In essence, it is “that one band that I saw at that one place that one time that played some [good] stuff.” This, and other proclamations of ecstatic enjoyment, represent the general response of those fortunate enough to encounter the tunes of RJZ. Thrown into the public eye and forced to face a world of harsh criticism and rejection, Robert J. Zimmer? has emerged a hardened power and decorated name in the Hyde Park community. Hailed as a “musician’s musician’s musician’s musician’s musician’s band” it is far ahead of its time while still managing to touch the minds of simpletons via a synergy of intricate complexities that results in a sound of such emotional power it touches the roots of man’s most fundamental sentiments.