Jimmy Wilson (no, not Gregory House’s best friend/whipping boy) has a hard life (no, still not him). He had rich parents, lots of friends, the respect of his teachers at school, and is so smooth he can attract beautiful blonde nightclub singers with just a single awkward shoe sale (see? Not him).

Joel and the Bots have a laugh at Jimmy, who manages to turn a decent life, if one without quite as close a relationship with his parents as he’d like – into a nightmare scenario on the run from the mafia and the police. Also featuring a short about truck farming!

The movie starts at 8:15 PM to give you time to park your car and pay for parking through 10 PM. If you know of any good free parking in the area, don’t hold out on us! Just tell them you’re there for MST3k and they’ll show you where to go.

Finally, while we do have some small expenses and the group won’t turn down any free money you just happen to decide to give us, the Emporium is not charging us anything to use the space, so this meetup is free!